Your haircut service begins with a thorough consultation so your stylist can understand and match you needs. In the shampoo room you will receive a luxurious shampoo and head massage with top of the line hair care products. In- sink treatments are available at this time. Followed by an elegant blow-out, how-to tips and at home product recommendations. 


Women’s Haircuts (includes wash & style)                                                     $25.00 – $40.00+up

Men’s Haircuts                                                                                                             $15.00 – $28.00

Buzz (one guard only)                                                                                                $13.00 – $15.00

Child Haircut (15+under)                                                                                           $15.00 – $20.00


Each color service begins with a thorough consultation.  All color services are designed to maximize your color results with professional hair-color customized to your desired results. Haircut and luxurious blow dry included.


All Color Services Prices Include Haircut & Blow Dry- Prices Dependent On Level Of Stylist

Entire Hilite                                                                                                        $84.00 – $120.00 +up

 Partial Hilite                                                                                                        $59.00 – $86.00 +up

Base Color Retouch                                                                                             $55.00 – $78.00+up

Color Glaze/Gloss                                                                                                  $55.00 – $73.00+up

Ombré                                                                                                                                $120.00 + up

Balayage                                                                                                                            $120.00 + up

Fashion Color                                                                                                            $50.00 – 75.00/hr

Toners                                                                                                                                   $17.00+up

Face Frame Foils                                                                                                 $4.00/foil (up to 10)

Corrective Colors                                                                                                              $175.00 +up


At Palmer Salon we specialize in Wedding up-styling. Our stylists keep up with the most current trends to ensure your perfect look and keep us and you on the cutting edge of fashion. *See our wedding page!*

Luxury Blowout                                                                                                      $20.00 – $28.00

Formal Styling (Updo)                                                                                       $70.00 – $80.00+up

Bridal Formal Styling                                                                                      $120.00 –  $135.00 (Includes Trial)

gratuity automatically included during payment for wedding parties.


Makeup services are designed to enhance your natural beauty. Our makeup artist will discuss options, looks and desires to achieve your most stunning look. 

Makeup Application                                                                                                               $40.00

(See weddings page for more on makeup)

Treatments                                                                                                                     $22.00/30min

Redken Chemistry Shot Treatment                                              $10.00 (as additional service)                                                                                                               $15.00 (stand alone service)

pricing is based on level of education and experience per individual stylists. prices may vary. please contact our receptionists, or book a consultation for more information. thank you.
CANCELLATION POLICY: New colors/ 2+hour appointments are required to leave a credit card number on file. We kindly ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations. Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of their booked service. No Call/No Shows will be charged 100% of their booked service. Thank you for your cooperation.
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